Obamacare El Paso Health Insurance Update

You have New Obamacare Health Insurance for El Paso? Visit Your Doctor and Pharmacy

If you enrolled in Obamacare or Health Care Reform in El Paso Texas, then your Health Insurance coverage starts January 1, 2014.  Use these tips on what to do on your first doctor or pharmacy visit.
Before you go to the Doctor or Pharmacy verify this information about your Health Insurance:
  • Get your insurance Health Insurance card, temp card, and  information. If you don’t have it ask your Health  Insurance company to provide you with it.
  • Know when your premium payment is due.
  • Check that your Doctor and Pharmacy is on your Health Insurance network (Your plan is supposed to be based on this information, you can call us if your Doctor and Pharmacy are not in the same network and find a plan that can serve your needs).
We can help you solve problems with your Health Insurance provider and inform you about your rights and services, call us if you need help in El Paso Texas, come to our offices or call us at 915-613-5102
Source: www.whitehouse.gov